John Barker Custom Knife for Sale

John Barker custom Knife for sale. The Plott Hound

I’ve been John’s web designer since 2009. Those who know John’s work know that he is one of the finest knife makers in the business.

I’ve had this knife for some years now. It has been stored in the kydex sheath in a backpack that typically sits in my office. I regret to part with the work of art – this is truly a one of a kind piece.

See wording below for details & specs…

Asking SOLD!!!

The wording below is a post that john posted on a knife forum after he completed making this knife.

“I decided this knife deserves a better name than “Clip point Dogo”. It’s not really a Dogo at all. This is what I refer to as a tactical hunting knife. So I decided to name it after one of my favorite hunting breeds. The Plott Hound. I had several of these dogs as a boy and they were fierce fighters and excellent trackers. I designed this knife for my web designer. She wanted a hunting knife that could stand up to any task. I based the scale of the knife and the length of the tang on her palm measurement. As I got into grinding this knife I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew, but the Knife Gods were smiling down on me and it turned out pretty good. The blade is CPM 154 with a satin finish. The blade is 0.176″ thick at the ricasso and has a 4.25″ cutting edge. The overall length is 9.0″ and it weighs 6.25 oz. The Rockwell hardness of the blade is 59. The scales are my favorite black and green linen micarta. I hope ya’ll like it.”

The 1st 2 pictures were pics that John took when he first made the knife.
207 213

The 3 pictures below were just taken on AUG 09, 2016

plott-hound-003 plott-hound-004 plott-hound-005

Anyone interested can leave a comment in the box below or email

Thanks for looking!

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